What business can I do with 200000 in Nigeria?

What business should I start with 200k?

20 business ideas that you can start with less than 200,000 pesos

  • Mobility service driver.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Daycare owner.
  • Real estate agent.
  • Gardening.
  • mailing campaigns.
  • Photographer and videographer.
  • Dog walker and pet sitter.

What business can I start with 300k in Nigeria?

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  • #1. Tailoring.
  • #2. Barbershop.
  • #3. Hair Salon.
  • #4. Sale of Hair Extension.
  • #5. Sale of Clothes.
  • #6. Dry Cleaning Service.
  • #7. Football Viewing Centre.
  • #8. Cyber Cafe.

What kind of business can I start with 2million naira?

With two million naira in account, you can invest into businesses like recharge card dealership which allow you to represent the mobile telecommunication networks as a dealer for distributing or selling recharge cards and data bundles to subscribers/customers across the nation.

Which business can I start with 200k in Nigeria?

Business you can start with 200k. Bakery: you can set up a local bakery business with a minimum of 200k naira. It is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Nigeria in addition to the fact that it a lucrative business.

What business can I start with 15k in Nigeria?

20 Businesses You Can Start With 10k Or Less In Nigeria

  • Freelance writing business. Freelance writing is the kind of creative writing you do to get paid. …
  • Fastfood business. …
  • Social media marketing. …
  • Dropshipping. …
  • Mini importation. …
  • Small Scale Agriculture Business. …
  • Fish Farming. …
  • Small chops sales.
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Which business can I start with 500k in Nigeria?

9 Businesses You Can Start with 500k in Nigeria

  • Mini Importation Business.
  • Sales of Clothes and Shoes.
  • Barbing Saloon Business.
  • Football Viewing Center/Game Center.
  • Hair Dressing.
  • Real Estate Business.
  • Block Moulding Business.
  • Computer Service Center.

Which business can I start with 1million naira?

1) Operating a restaurant

One business you can start with one million naira today is a restaurant business. Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Everybody needs to eat. With one million naira, you can start up a successful restaurant and locate it at a vantage position for patronage.

What sells fast in Nigeria?

Top 15 High Demand And Fast Selling Products in 2020

  • Electronic Goods. …
  • Fashion Items. …
  • Cosmetic Product. …
  • Health And Wellness Products. …
  • Hair Wig And Extensions. …
  • Baby Accessories. …
  • Food And Groceries. …
  • Phones And Accessories.

Which business is more profitable in Nigeria?

Real Estate is no doubt one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria and the world. Real Estate is as relevant as ever because people will always need a place to stay. As the population of Nigeria continues to increase, the need for housing continues to grow.

What businesses make millions?

9 best million-dollar business ideas

  1. B2B products and services. …
  2. Online education. …
  3. Wellness offerings. …
  4. Food delivery services. …
  5. Wedding services and products. …
  6. Dropshipping business. …
  7. Food truck. …
  8. Subscription model business.