How do I file a fictitious business name in Alabama?

How do I get a DBA in Alabama?

How to Get a DBA in Alabama – Three Easy Steps

  1. Step 1: Start With an Alabama Trade Name Search. If you haven’t already, head on over to the Alabama Secretary of State’s website to complete an Alabama trade name search. …
  2. Step 2: Begin Operating Under Your Alabama DBA. …
  3. Step 3: Register Your Alabama DBA With the State.

Can you run a business with just a fictitious name?

Registering for a DBA allows you to transact business under the fictitious name instead of your personal name. Your bank requires a DBA to open a business bank account. Banks often require sole proprietorships and the partners in general partnerships to have a DBA before they can open a business bank account.

Can you do DBA online?

Can I file for a DBA online? Yes, in many states you can do so online easily, but this varies state by state.

How do I register a fictitious name?

To file a fictitious name registration:

  1. The name you register must be advertised at least once in a newspaper that is located within the county where your principal place of business is located (Chapter 50, Florida Statutes). …
  2. Review the instructions for filing a fictitious name registration.
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Can I do a DBA under an LLC?

A limited liability company can register a DBA, or “doing business as” name and still do business using the official LLC name. A DBA operates much like a personal nickname—you may use your nickname for some purposes and your full legal name for others.

Do I have to register my business name in Alabama?

In Alabama, businesses are not required by the state to register a DBA / Trade Name. There are, however, several reasons a business will want to consider registering that we will cover.

Can a DBA have a tax ID number?

That’s because an EIN is used for tax purposes, and your business is the entity that pays taxes. Your DBAs are just your business nicknames, and therefore, you won’t have a separate EIN for a DBA. Not all businesses need an EIN.

How do you register a business in Alabama?

First time applicants may register online at or contact the Alabama Department of Revenue, Business Registration Unit at (334) 242-1584 and request Form COM: 101 (Combined Registration Form) to register for a state sales and/or seller’s use tax license*, and state administered local …

Do I need to register a fictitious business name?

You might need to register your DBA — also known as a trade name, fictitious name, or assumed name — with the state, county, or city your business is located in. Registering your DBA name doesn’t provide legal protection by itself, but most states require you to register your DBA if you use one.

What is the purpose of filing a fictitious business name?

The Purpose of a Fictitious Name

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States require filing fictitious business names because they help inform the public about who actually owns the company. A fictitious name filing puts a business’s name and its owner’s identity on public record.

Do I need a EIN for my DBA?

DBAs are simply business nicknames, which means that you don’t require a separate EIN for the DBA. EINs are not a requirement for all businesses. Whether you need to have one will depend on how the business is organized as well as the kind of taxes paid.