What is it called when a business buys something?

What is it called when someone buys your product?

vendor Add to list Share. If you are a vendor, it means you’re a person selling something, whether it’s hot dogs from a food cart or computer software for a tech company.

What do you call a company that buys and sells products?

A vendor is a general term used to describe any supplier of goods or services. … Large retailers, like Target, rely on many different vendors to supply products, which it buys at wholesale prices and sells at higher retail prices.

What is it called when you sell something that is not yours?

A person who does this without a title interest in the property or authority from you commits a criminal act. It’s called fraud, but he is really “stealing” your property. The short answer is yes. Anyone can sell your property without your consent.

What is another word for buying something?

What is another word for buying?

procurement shopping
transaction acquiring
getting obtaining
ordering procuring
purchasing securing

What’s another word for buying and selling?

What is another word for buying and selling?

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marketing commerce
trade trading
retail retailing
sale transaction
dealing merchandising

Can a person sell something that does not belong to him?

(a) Yes, a person may sell something which does not belong to him. For the sale to be valid, the law does not require the seller to be the owner of the property at the time of the sale.

What is effect of sale by person who is not owner?

—Subject to the provisions of this Act and of any other law for the time being in force, where goods are sold by a person who is not the owner thereof and who does not sell them under the authority or with the consent of the owner, the buyer acquires no better title to the goods than the seller had, unless the owner of …

Can you repackage something and sell it?

When you do not have the facilities to manufacture products, but still want to start a business, you could be ordering products in bulk, repackaging it and selling it. You simply put your own brand name and labeling on the product and you’re in business.