What is EDP in entrepreneurship?

What is the role of EDP?

” Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP) may be defined as “a programme designed to help an individual in strengthening his entrepreneurial motive and in acquiring skill andcapabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role effectively.”

What is EDP Why is EDP needed?

Unemployment is one of the most important problems confronting developing and underdevelopment countries, EDP’s enable prospective entrepreneurs in the setting up of their own units, thus enabling them to get self employment.

What are the achievements of EDP in entrepreneurship?

The EDP initially aimed at achieving four major goals: i) Enhancing institutional capacity of the Government to deliver comprehensive support services to MSEs (Pillar 1); ii) Developing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills for MSEs and potential entrepreneurs (Pillar 2); iii) Facilitate establishment of new MSEs and …

What are the EDP in India?

ILD has been conducting Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP), of 4 weeks duration for the Unemployed youth with the aim of making them self reliant by way of starting their own business.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

S. No. Programme Name
10. General Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) at Ajmer

How will you evaluate EDP?

One way of evaluating the EDPs is to assess their effectiveness in developing ‘need for achievement’ among the entrepreneurs. This is also called the ‘qualitative evaluation of EDPs.

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Who required EDP?

Ans:- EDP will be mandatory for all the PMEGP beneficiaries. However, the beneficiaries who have undergone EDP earlier of duration not less than two weeks (10 days wef. 01.04. 2018) through KVIC/KVIB or reputed training centers will be exempted from undergoing fresh EDP.