Quick Answer: Why did Bill Drayton become a social entrepreneur?

What makes Bill Drayton a social entrepreneur?

Bill is the archetypal social entrepreneur himself, embodying the four characteristics that the organization he founded in 1980, Ashoka, espouses as essential for social entrepreneurs: creativity; a big, new idea; entrepreneurship; strong, ethical fiber, And Bill, ever the social entrepreneur, seeing other …

What is the purpose of social entrepreneurship?

While a general and common business entrepreneurship means taking a lead to open up a new business or diversifying the existing business, social entrepreneurship mainly focuses on creating social capital without measuring the performance in profit or return in monetary terms.

Who came up with social entrepreneurship?

Ashoka founder and CEO Bill Drayton first used the term “social entrepreneurship” in the early 1980s, and it continues to inspire images of audacious social change—the kind that sweeps away the old approaches to solving intractable social problems such as disease, hunger, and poverty.

How would you define a social entrepreneur?

A social entrepreneur refers to an individual who pursues novel ideas with the potential to solve or alleviate certain community-oriented problems. Social entrepreneurs often are willing to take the risks associated with their venture to help address issues, enabling positive change in society.

What did Bill Drayton do?

Considered one of America’s leading pioneers in the field of citizen-led service for humanity on a global scale, Bill Drayton is the behind-the-scenes lever of social entrepreneurship, having coined the term himself in 1972.

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Is Bill Drayton is a tech entrepreneur?

William Drayton (born 1943 in New York City) is a social entrepreneur. Drayton was named by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s 25 Best Leaders in 2005. He is responsible for the rise of the phrase “social entrepreneur”, a concept first found in print in 1972.

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Is Bill Gates a social entrepreneur?

For instance, when Bill Gates (who is one of the richest persons in the world) initiates philanthropic activities through his charitable foundation ‘The Gates Foundation’ such acts are claimed as social entrepreneurial because Bill Gates is also a social entrepreneur.

What is social entrepreneurship in South Africa?

Social entrepreneurship is hard to define, with different interpretations in different countries. In South Africa it is emerging as a blend of for- and not-for-profit approaches, which balances the value and trust of social organisations with the efficiencies and profit motive of business.

When did social entrepreneurship become popular?

The social entrepreneurship as a concept became popular in the mid-20th century with the H.